Top UCSD researchers pitch yoga, massage and integrative medicine for healing


An Integrative Medicine Approach

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Integrative MedicineUC San Diego’s Centers for Integrative Health launched Saturday, a network to unify current research, education and clinical programs.

Source: Top UCSD researchers pitch yoga, massage and integrative medicine for healing

From Aromatherapy to Zen

One of the things we enjoyed about this article was its closing: highlights what the Centers for Integrative Health might do best — researching many pathways to a cure but letting the body do most of the work by exploring everything “from aromatherapy to zen.”

Magnificent! The human body, mind, and spirit are tremendously powerful! Sometimes, though, we need some help. The help we needs covers the spectrum from invasive surgery to education and awareness. Conventional Western medicine has focused on clinical diagnoses and prescriptions. There are times when Western medical interventions are certainly necessary, However the human body, mind and spirit will always need more than pharmaceuticals and that means everything from Aromatherapy to Zen.

Research like that at the UCSD’s Centers for Integrative Health highlight the expanding role of complementary therapies and Social Determinants of Health in our overall well-being. As an example, the article uses the case of 61-year-old woman suffering from symptoms suggesting ulcerative colitis. There would be delay and expense for a colonoscopy so they changed her diet and added a few supplements to help her digestion. In this example, supporting the person paid off because she was cured or in remission by the time of the colonoscopy.

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