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Silicon Valley is obsessed with meditation and there’s new evidence it changes the brain for the better


Meditation for Holistic HealthMeditation Evidence

By giving our bustling minds a dedicated break from day-to-day worries, meditation appears to empower the brain to run more efficiently, new research shows.

A large review of studies involving close to 3,000 people found that mindfulness meditation was linked with a reduction in feelings of depression, anxiety, and even physical pain.

Source: Silicon Valley is obsessed with meditation, and there’s new evidence it changes the brain for the better

There are many enjoyable ways to promote good health. A bike ride on a beautiful day. Cooking a wholesome meal. Reading an interesting book or article. Meditation has been, until recently, often overlooked. We had plenty of excuses too. It looked “funny”. Only a yogi could get into a meditative pose. But the simple truth might just be that most Americans were not aware of the benefits or the simplicity.

One of the founders of HealthCare Too, Tim, has practiced Tai Chi (or taijichuan) for over 15 years. Tim is still working on “getting it” but has always enjoyed what his instructor (and many others) called a “moving meditation”. It is wonderful to see other business leaders taking just a few moments in the day for mindfulness. Companies have even supported employees in mindfulness activities. Aetna has introduced a mindfulness program to its employees that has produced measurable improvements for the business.

How It Helps

There are numerous benefits according to the article and related studies. Even newcomers to the practice can realize beneficial changes in areas of the brain associated with memory, perspective, and self-awareness. On the behavior side, studies find lower stress levels, more positivity, better focus, and creativity.  Research shows that it is never too late and that ” that the adult brain can still be deeply transformed through experience.” “Not bad return for investing a few minutes each day!

Our Model

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The HealthCare Too model provides for a holistic approach to health. We look for articles and knowledge to help consumers and their care teams make holistic health decisions and also shop for the best deals in holistic health so you can find them here!  We appreciate the value of surgery and pharmaceuticals but want to make more pathways available for your HealthCare Too.

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