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Holistic Health in Western NY
Holistic Health Yoga

Holistic health seeks to understand root causes of disease as well as address symptoms. It is open to a variety of ways to address them, including traditional Western medicine. It depends on practitioners, communities and individuals to play key roles in health and wellness management.

“When you look up the definition of holistic care, it’s taking care of all aspects of your well-being. It doesn’t mean that you do something weird. It means you take care of your body from an emotional standpoint, a spiritual standpoint, obviously a physical and mental standpoint, and socially, as well. It means that you’re connected.”

Source: Holistic Health in WNY takes several forms

Holistic Health FoodThe New York State Health Foundation has adopted a new strategy for healthcare in Western New York that meets people’s health needs where people need more healthcare… outside the clinic. According to CEO David Sandman, “Health happens not just in the doctor’s office”. The article explains that most healthcare spending is on chronic disease which may actually be preventable.

Areas for Holistic Health Investment

New York State Health Foundation’s approach calls for work in three areas:
Holistic Health Exercise

  • Wellness Centers that offer a full palette of health services such as: massage therapy, essential oils, natural birthing and pet care, hypnotherapy and Qigong.
  • Better Nutrition through the Double Up Food Bucks program that provides up to $20/day match for participants who buy fresh fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets.
  • Physical Activity outside in the sunshine (until they have to move inside) that is fun and healthy.

We know that 80% or more of a person’s health is determined outside the clinic. This is especially so for chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. We also know that some chronic diseases can be prevented or even reversed through a more holistic approach that incorporates diet, exercise, social involvement, stress reduction, mindfulness, etc. The downside of eating well, playing hard, and socializing is a health risk work taking!

Our Model

Over 80% of your health is determined by non-clinical factors. Let us help you take care of your HealthCare Too.

The HealthCare Too model provides for a holistic approach to health. We look for articles and knowledge to help consumers and their care teams make holistic health decisions and also shop for the best deals in holistic health so you can find them here!  We appreciate the value of surgery and pharmaceuticals but want to make more pathways available for your HealthCare Too.

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Health is like a three-legged stool and optimal health requires all three. HealthCare Too recognizes this and always promotes items to help with Mind, Body, and Spirit.