Airlines using aromatherapy to keep passengers calm

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Airlines are certainly not the first industry to use aromatherapy with customers. Bakeries, banks, casinos, car dealers and many others have appealed to the consumers’ sense of smell. The objective is usually the same– to help consumers relax and feel good about the product or service. As airlines cram more people into flights, there is good reason to use every tool available to help travelers relax.

If you have a sudden sense of wellbeing and calm envelope you when you next step onto an airliner, that’s not an accident. It’s science.

United Airlines, famous of late for dragging people off over-booked planes, has a fragrance called ‘Landing’ which goes the kitchen-sink route in order to keep passengers relaxed: orange peel, bergamot, cypress, black pepper, black tea, sandalwood and leather are just some of the ingredients wafting through their cabins.

Turkish Airlines deploys a special vague-out scent called TK 1933, reportedly to “produce feelings of trust, peace, happiness, serenity and pleasure.” This doesn’t read as a gift to passengers, but more a plea for a hassle-free flight.

In other words, airlines are meeting violence and insolence with aromatherapy, instead of taking a few seats out and give folks room to move. Which is cool.

Source: Airlines using aromatherapy to keep passengers calm

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