Ayurveda Means Life Knowledge


Ayurveda means Life KnowledgeAyurveda Means Life Knowledge

“The first time someone hears the word ‘Ayurveda,’ they say, ‘Ayuer-what?'” jokes Carol Nace , Ayurveda practitioner and founder of Bodhi Ayurveda .

Ayurveda is a wellness system that originated in India thousands of years ago, well before modern medicine supplied evidence for the mind-body connection, Nace says.

“It is broken down as a Sanskrit word into two words: ‘ayur’ meaning ‘life’ and ‘veda’ being ‘knowledge.’ Coming together this is about life knowledge and how do we manage our daily life into maintaining good balance and good health,” she explains.
Ayurveda’s three pillars of health include:

  • Food: Food in Ayurvedic practices is not simply about what a person eats, “but it’s how, where, when, why do we eat as well.”
  • Sleep: “There’s a lot of research on how quality sleep is important to us. How much sleep we need can vary from person to person, but I think we all know that we feel our best when we’ve had a good night of rest.”
  • Soul-centered conduct: This involves our daily routines, the choices we make and the exercises we incorporate into our lives – such as meditation, yoga, and other practices.

Source: Fit For You: Ayurveda

Ancient Simplicity

It is a shame that we often lose the simplistic balance that generations millennia ago found and tried to pass on. We have apps to monitor our sleep and read articles about the wonders of Turmeric. Some of us even work on mindfulness through yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, and so on. These are all truly wonderful things to do. We need more people to discover the wonders of sleep, nutrition, and mindfulness. More importantly, we need a system or framework to us think holistically about health.

It makes no sense to practice yoga diligently for two hours every morning but not eat well the rest of the day. The article points out an essential element for health: Soul-centered conduct, or “the choices we make and the exercises we incorporate into our lives”. Health is made up of so many everyday decisions. How much to sleep. What (Where, When, Why) to eat. When (and How) to forgive. When to make room for play. Finding time to laugh… or cry. And so very much more.

Health is not about a new drug or surgical procedure. It is not about one herb or one Tai Chi posture or one of any number of health ideas floating around. Health is about Life Knowledge… an inspiration for today and every day to be kind to ourselves and others physically, mentally, spiritually. It is about consciously making healthful decisions among all the determinants of health for ourselves and whenever possible for others.

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