Why you should never hit the snooze button


Eight Hours A Night

Sleep: I’m in love with it and everything it does. And knowing what it does is why I give myself a non-negotiable eight hours a night to sleep. Yes, eight hours.

Routinely sleeping less than six or seven hours a night is linked to suicide and numerous health conditions, including Alzheimer’s, anxiety, depression, stroke and chronic pain — and to damage to every physiological system of the body, leading to cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, infertility and obesity.

Meanwhile proper sleep is beneficial for us in myriad ways, nurturing our memory and learning and boosting our immune defences, physical fitness and mental health.

In fact, sleep is the single most effective thing we can do for our health, wealth and well-being — even before diet or exercise.

Based on 20 years of research and findings from over 100 papers produced in my sleep centre, here I explain why we neglect sleep at our peril and how we can sleep better . . .

Source: Why you should never hit the snooze button

Sleep for Health?

It is hard to imagine. Something so simple (and even enjoyable) as sleep can pay such rewards to our health. Eight hours a night seems like such an easy prescription to fill. However, so many of us fail to get the recommended amount. The impact on health is too significant. Eight hours a night (at least most nights) is a prescription we cannot afford not to fill.

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