Tibetan yoga practice may improve sleep quality for breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy


Tibetan YogaTibetan Yoga

Participating in twice-weekly practice of Tibetan yoga may reduce sleep disturbances and improve sleep quality in breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, according to a study from researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

The research, published in the journal Cancer, found that women who practiced Tibetan yoga at least two times a week reported less daytime disturbances, better  and sleep efficiency over time, compared to those practicing less often and to women in an active control group receiving usual care.

Sleep disturbances and fatigue are two of the most frequent and debilitating side effects experienced by cancer  undergoing chemotherapy.

Source: Tibetan yoga practice may improve sleep quality for breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy


Breast cancer patients have enough worries. Tibetan yoga helped study patients with side effects, even with just two sessions per week. This is a great example where a non-clinical therapy, Tibetan yoga here, complements clinical treatment. It is also heartening that the study recognized the importance of sleep as part of healthcare. In a holistic health model, the person and all that impacts that person is the center. The study helps demonstrate that we cannot separate what happens inside the clinic from what we do outside the clinic.

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