Wing Chun May Strengthen Older Adults, Reports Study

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Wing Chun Strengthens Older Adults

Wing Chun Strengthens Older AdultsAnyone who has watched a kung fu movie has probably seen the student practicing on a wooden dummy. Working at different speeds, the student lifts the pegs that represent arms and delivers various punch combinations. It is relaxing just to watch. However, this is not limited to young students who seek to become kung fu masters. Wing Chun strengthens older adults as well.

According to a study published in the peer-reviewed journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, wing chun may strengthen older adults.

As we age, exercise becomes more important, not only for a fit body, but also for daily energy, strength, clarity of mind, and a mood; exercise prevents illness, keeps us functional, lengthens life. So why don’t we get enough? It’s not only because we’re lazy comfort-loving creatures ;-). Some of us are easily bored and find running and weight-lifting repetitive and unengaging mentally.

What’s more, the older we get, the more likely we are to suffer from joint problems and muscle deterioration, which ironically, make it difficult to do to the very exercises necessary to avoid those problems! Developing enjoyable and therapeutic ways for older adults to get enough of the right kinds of exercise is an urgent problem, especially as people live longer, and not exercising can easily snow-ball in to long-term health decline with its accompanying reduction in quality of life and life-span.

Source: Wing Chun May Strengthen Older Adults, Reports Study

Meet People Where They Are

A common challenge for exercise is not only to find time and motivation but also deal with the impact on our bodies. Wrestling, football, lacrosse are much more likely for high school students than senior citizens. We need more exercises that provide benefit for mind and body (and arguably spirit) without the risks of injury. As the West continues to explore centuries-old Eastern practices like tai chi, qi gong, and yoga we should be aware of other possibilities like wing chun.

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