As demand in La Crosse area grows, Gundersen promotes integrative medicine options


Gundersen Integrative Medicine

Gundersen Integrative Medicine
ONALASKA — Rebecca Murphy stopped by the Gundersen Health System clinic Wednesday looking for new ways to cope with shoulder pain.

Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, WI held an open house to promote awareness of its therapies. Local residents were able to get information and even demonstrations of Gundersen integrative medicine potential for their health.

During the open house, prospective patients were able to speak with the center’s medical staff and ask questions about the different techniques. La Crosse residents Judy and Jim Oestreich stopped by as they were curious about different ways they could help manage their arthritis pain.

Judy said she was interested in learning about what benefits there were to using health supplements, as well as what kinds of therapies are covered by insurance and their costs. She was also excited after learning about how essential oils work and thought they might make a good topical relief option for her and her husband’s arthritis symptoms.

“Some of the old ways are making a comeback,” Jim said.

These techniques are mainly used for helping to manage pain and stress. Essential oils are also good for helping with sleep or smoking cessation programs, said Dr. Jill McMullen, an integrative and holistic medicine practitioner.

People are becoming more and more aware that healing doesn’t take place on the outside but from the inside, she said. One of the things she enjoys most working patients at the center is helping people improve or maintain their good health.

“It is about trying to be more proactive than reactive,” she said. “It’s about treating the person rather than responding to a symptom.”

Source: As demand in La Crosse area grows, Gundersen promotes integrative medicine options

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