World Experts Unite in Call To Change Food System


Change Food System

Change Food SystemThe cliche “you are what you eat” is unfortunately quite true. Scientists and healthcare providers from around the world want to change the food system so that what we eat will make us healthy instead of subject to chronic diseases.

True Health Initiative (THI) is the global voice for lifestyle as medicine. THI exists to make evidence-based fundamental truths about healthy, sustainable living and eating common knowledge. Through unity, we will change the global understanding of the lifestyle practices that most likely help people live longer and live healthier, free of chronic diseases. We are supported by a growing coalition of more than 400 experts including physicians, scientists, nutritionists, educators and authors from more than 37 countries. THI was founded in association with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and supports the Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance.

A group of leading scientists, physicians and academicians has challenged the G7 Health Ministers to hear uncomfortable truths and to develop long-term approaches that ensure safe and sustainable food systems, create economic measures to reverse the growing dependency on highly processed and unhealthy foods and invest significantly in nutrition education. The group sent their challenge through a letter to the G7 Health Ministers Chair, the Honorable Beatrice Lorenzin, MP.

“Our reliance on heavily processed foods is directly linked not only to poor health, but also to the degeneration of the environment. Recent studies estimate that adoption of more sustainable diets can substantially reduce greenhouse emissions, water usage and rates of chronic disease,” David L. Katz, MD, MPH Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center and Founder of the True Health Initiative.

Source: World Scientists/Physicians Unite in Call for Food System Change: G7 Health Ministers

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