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I Tried Cupping Therapy and Here’s What Happened


Tried Cupping

Cupping seems like one of those things that can’t work. Just too easy. Yet many Olympic athletes and Hollywood stars have tried cupping and marvel at its benefits.

It’s the secret to Michael Phelps recovery and Gwyneth’s detox routine. But does cupping really work, and how long do those marks last? One writer goes in deep.

The use of cups allows for the stretching and opening of muscle tissue, creating space to drain toxins from your cells, he [Pourziaee] explains. “By manually going in and moving things around, you’re able to push toxins from those cells into the lymphatic system,” Dr. Pourziaee explains. “Your body naturally does that — your lymphatic system is your body’s filter. But this is a catalyst to give that natural detoxification process a boost.”

Define these so-called “toxins,” you say? “They’re either water soluble or fat soluble, and can come from the environment around you, processed foodsyou eat, or chemical additives that accumulate in your blood,” Dr. Pourziaee says. “Usually if they’re water soluble, you will naturally urinate them out within 24 to 48 hours. But the ones that are fat soluble stay in and around your fat cells. Those are usually the ones that need an extra boost to get out.”

And an experienced cupping practitioner can help guide them, he says. “In your upper body, your major lymph nodes are under your armpits, so most of the time the cups are moved toward that region. In your lower extremities, your major lymph nodes are in the groin area.”

Source: I Tried Cupping Therapy and Here’s What Happened

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