Duke Integrative Medicine Wheel of Health

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Duke Integrative Medicine Wheel of Health

Duke Integrative Medicine Wheel of HealthThere are many models to depict health. Some are as a simple and powerful as the Chinese Yin Yang symbol that guides not only Traditional Chinese Medicine but various martial arts, philosophy and more. The Duke Integrative Medicine Wheel of Health is, in our humble opinion, a wonderful construct for today’s demands.

So many “health care” organizations claim to be “patient centered” and focused on “patient engagement”. However, this is one of the few models from a conventional Western institution that puts YOU (holistically, not just as a patient) in the center. The Wheel of Health depicts so many non-clinical determinants of health and levels of care. This is not the normal PCMH focus on getting lab results or coordinating appointments with specialists. We are, after all, in the 21st Century and those things should have been put to rest years ago.

No. This is about YOU. This is about cultivating YOUR Mind-Body Connection, YOUR Movement, Exercise and Rest, YOUR Nutrition, YOUR Personal & Professional Growth, YOUR Physical Environment, YOUR Relationships and Communication, and YOUR Spirituality. If a physician’s office can’t get lab results in the 21st Century let the $3.4 Trillion “health care” system worry about that… you have enough.

Where YOUR Self Care isn’t sufficient (and we all need a little help) the Wheel of Health recognizes both Complementary and Conventional approaches… there isn’t a pill for Spirituality or a surgical procedure to reattach a Relationship. We DO value pharmaceuticals and surgeries where they do bring benefit but there is so much we can do before reaching for pills and operating room calendars.

Take a few moments to reflect on YOUR needs in this model… and maybe work with Duke Integrative Medicine or other providers to address your holistic health needs along the lines of the Duke Integrative Medicine Wheel of Health.

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly complex world, medical science and the evolution of unique models for health care are bringing us closer to truly personalized medicine. Given these evolving trends, the need for a comprehensive and dynamically responsive plan for your health is even more important. For this reason we want to help you create personalized health plans that are as responsive to your current health needs as they are adaptable to your future health.

Source: Wheel of Health – Duke Integrative Medicine

Our Model

The HealthCare Too model provides for a collaborative holistic care approach to health. We look for articles and knowledge to help consumers and their care teams make holistic health decisions and also shop for the best deals in holistic health so you can find them here! We appreciate the value of surgery and pharmaceuticals but want to make more paths available for your HealthCare Too. See our model for Holistic Health for more information!

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