Lifestyle Program Reverses Heart Disease


Lifestyle Program Reverses Heart Disease

Lifestyle Program Reverses Heart DiseaseThis is one of those times that the news seems too good to be true. For many people that alone is enough to dismiss it. Luckily, the folks at Geisinger continue to look at non-clinical factors to improve health. They are offering Ornish Lifestyle Medicine. This lifestyle program reverses heart disease.

Common treatment for heart disease includes medicine and even surgery. But as Eyewitness News Healthbeat Reporter Mark Hiller explains, a program soon to kick-off in the Wilkes-Barre area focuses on another treatment option: lifestyle.

A colorful assortment of nutritional food is something that’s usually lacking in the diet of people who develop heart disease. Instead, their meals are often filled with fatty foods high in cholesterol. “Cholesterol primarily comes from the animal and animal byproducts like eggs, cheese, milk and so on,” said Geisinger Outpatient Clinical Dietitian Janet Milner, RDN, LDN.

Eliminating fatty foods is a key goal of what’s called Ornish Lifestyle Medicine. Named after renowned researcher and physician Dean Ornish, the food focus shifts to plant-based. Ms. Milner said, “There’s no animal protein whatsoever outside of egg whites and fat-free dairy products. Otherwise, we’re looking for protein in other food sources.”

While food is a critical component of Ornish Lifestyle Medicine, other factors come into play in transforming your heart health. Besides nutrition, target areas include exercise, stress management and group support. Cardiologist Bryan Martin, the Medical Director of Ornish Lifestyle Medicine at Geisinger Wyoming Valley, said “It’s an important time to think about preventative medicine and preventing illness and so I think that’s really the basis of this program.”

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