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Gut Health Importance — Functional Medicine Assessment


Gut Health Importance

gut health importance

For such a significant impact on our health, we know so little about the gut microbiome. There are more and more articles about gut health importance; however, they often open more questions than they answer. While the science behind gut health is still catching up, some physicians give considerable time to assessing gut health as part of “functional medicine” and similar offshoots.

Our digestive tracks are our interface with the outside world, it’s where the inner and outer environments meet. The intestine is designed to help us absorb the nutrients we need, to keep out toxins and infections and to provide an elimination route for our waste products. It is also the source of a major part of our immune system, as we now know that the majority of our immune system is, in fact, within the gut. It is an amazingly intricate and well-honed system that is essential to our health and wellbeing.

When the is a malfunction in this system, there can be both immediate and long term effects. With so many components to the digestive process, there are a lot of places where it can go wrong; where issues can develop that can impact our health.

Some of these cause symptoms and problems that are obvious to relate to the gut, many are not.

Source: Calihan: Why Our Gut Health is so Important – Loudoun Now

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