Utopic Wellness Communities Are A Multibillion-Dollar Real Estate Trend

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Wellness Communities

Wellness CommunitiesAs our appreciation of Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) grows so too does the value we place on community and surroundings. Wellness communities have sprouted up all over the world and people are moving in.

It’s like Disneyland released a Pleasantville attraction, or a modern day kibbutz for health enthusiasts. It’s fitting that the community’s name is Serenbe, a combination of the words “serene” and “being.”

Serenbe started with just one family in 2004. Nygren, a retired restaurateur on a mission to save Atlanta forestland from bulldozers, brought his family to the land as its first denizens. Today, his idyllic nature reserve encompasses 300 homes and 600 residents, along with a 25-acre organic farm, three restaurants, a farmer’s market, hotel, spa, bookstore, and a progressive playhouse recognized by the New York Times.

Wellness communities like Serenbe increasingly attract homeowners looking for a refuge from modern life. In North America alone, the market is worth $52.5 billion and is growing by 6.4% annually, according to a new report by the Global Wellness Institute titled Build Well to Live Well: Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate and Communities. Wellness real estate was a $134 billion worldwide industry in 2017, and is expected to grow to $180 billion in 2022.

“There’s a health benefit coming out of almost every [Serenbe] household,” claims Nygren of the anecdotal evidence, “whether it’s the kids don’t have asthma and have less allergies, or people have gotten rid of their antidepressants . . . We’re having [families] and retirees move here even just because of the air quality.”

Source: Utopic Wellness Communities Are A Multibillion-Dollar Real Estate Tren

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