5 Habits Promote Longer Life


5 Habits Promote Longer Life

5 Habits Promote Longer LifeThe habits are not that hard and the longer life also promises higher quality. Unfortunately, so many Americans and others worldwide miss out on the opportunity for longer and more satisfying lives.

Unlike many items in the news there is no controversy that these 5 habits promote longer life. There is only controversy in how we pay for them and how we make healthy lifestyle choices available. Right now, we prefer to react to sickness instead of promoting prevention or addressing illness holistically. Change is in the air and we are glad to help!

Americans could add years to their lives with just a handful of healthy habits, a large, new study suggests.

Right now, the typical 50-year-old American can expect to live another 30 to 33 years, according to government statistics. But based on the new study, those who maintain five lifestyle habits could add roughly a decade to that life expectancy.

The key factors include the usual suspects: not smoking; eating healthy; exercising regularly; maintaining a normal weight; and drinking only in moderation.

But researchers said the new findings put those lifestyle choices in a different perspective.”

Our findings have significant public health implications, because they demonstrate the great potential of diet and lifestyle changes in improving life expectancy,” said senior researcher Dr. Frank Hu. He is chair of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, a spokesperson for the American Heart Association, agreed.

“These five things can empower every one of us to make a huge difference,” she said.The habits are also realistic, Steinbaum noted. For example, moderate exercise — such as brisk walking for 30 minutes a day — was enough.

“That isn’t a crazy amount of exercise,” Steinbaum said. “It doesn’t require you to join a gym.”

For the original article see: 5 habits that could help you live 10 years longer – CBS News

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