Not All Calories Are Equal: Some calories can promote fat gain and obesity more than others

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Not All Calories Are Equal

Not All Calories Are EqualFor decades many of us have worked under the assumption that all calories are equal. Perhaps it was just wishful thinking that calories for a soda, burger and fries were the same as anything else. Research is showing that, in fact, not all calories are equal.

Healthy, balanced eating involves much more than counting calories.

In fact, counting calories has barely any relation to having a nutritious diet. And a new study claims that we should probably be more concerned about where our calories come from, rather than how many calories we consume.

Published in the Obesity Reviews, the research says that those calories found in sweetened drinks (read: fizzy pop) can be particularly bad for our health.

A team of 22 researchers from different US universities found that despite containing the same number of calories, a 340ml can of sugary soft drink is far less healthy than a medium-sized potato (surprise, surprise).

The former can increase your risk of type 2 diabetes and other issues, while a potato is rich in a whole range of vitamins and minerals.

So far, so obvious.

The study reads: ‘Calories from any food have the potential to increase risk for obesity and cardiometabolic disease because all calories can directly contribute to positive energy balance and fat gain.

‘However, various dietary components or patterns may promote obesity and cardiometabolic disease by additional mechanisms that are not mediated solely by caloric content.’

To read the original article please see: Some calories can promote fat gain and obesity more than others | Metro News

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