Experts say doing this daily will increase your wellbeing by 25 per cent | Better Homes and Gardens

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Healthy Gratitude

Healthy GratitudeWith a growing appreciation for mindfulness for health and well-being it is no wonder that healthy gratitude has such an impact. When we think about healthy gratitude holistically, what is the downside? A quiet moment. A few thoughts about what you value in Life. Maybe even scrawl a note or doodle into a journal. The adverse events are limited (if any) and any oxytocins you release are an added benefit. No wonder the Ornish Lifestyle program highlights the need for supportive relationships and self love.

Forget a bottomless packet of Tim Tam’s and puppies that never age – turns out the secret to happiness is having an attitude of gratitude.

Recent studies show that regularly counting your blessings can make you more successful, healthier and increase your wellbeing by up to 25 per cent.

But if you’re not one for verbal displays of affection, no stress. Experts say journaling is one of the best ways to reap the benefits.

“Expressing gratitude increases oxytocins (the love molecule) and creates stronger connections and bonds,” explains Eloise King, founder of The Self-Love Project.“

Journaling also has a long history of being used for greater clarity and wellbeing, and so combining the two daily is a simple recipe for better health, improved happiness, stronger relationships, a competitive edge at work and greater overall wellbeing.”

And not only is it effective, it’s also super easy to practice anytime, anywhere….

For more information please see the original article: Experts say doing this daily will increase your wellbeing by 25 per cent | Better Homes and Gardens

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