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Tai Chi Benefits

Tai Chi Benefits
William and stuffed animal help Dad with morning Tai Chi in 2007.

Dad has practiced Tai Chi for over 17 years, never missing a day. It can take as little as 15 minutes or can be repeated and stretched for hours. Tai Chi benefits us in so many ways. So much of what those who play tai chi find is really just hard to quantify. However, there is growing interest in the West for this ancient practice.

Tai Chi has been around for centuries, but it seems to be having a moment. Pinterest included it in its top 100 trends for 2018, noting a 189 percent increase in searches. A growing interest in the practice only seems natural since more and more people are including mental health in their fitness goals. Sure, if you thrive on quick, explosive workouts, the slow movements of Tai Chi might seem like a complete joke. But in reality, it’s anything but.

Research suggests that Tai Chi provides amazing mind and body benefits. And if you pack your week with intense training sessions, all the more reason to add Tai Chi into the mix. It improves your body awareness, which is why many dancers and athletes use Tai Chi for cross training, says Peter Wayne, Ph.D., director of the Tree of Life Tai Chi Center and associate professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

“[When practicing Tai Chi], you’re really paying attention to how the pieces of your body connect efficiently,” Wayne says. “In that sense, it’s a nice addition to other exercises, because that awareness may prevent injury.”

Source: Why You Should Do Tai Chi | Shape Magazine

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