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Fitbit leans hard into healthcare with a new enterprise offering


Fitbit Care

Telehealth continues to heat up. Fitbit, once focused on exercise, has announced a new platform that goes beyond exercise… Fitbit Care.

Fitbit Care may have the right approach with its one-on-one health coaching for chronic illnesses like diabetes. Using the Fitbit device and in-person or phone meetings can help consumers avoid lifestyle decisions that hurt them and embrace better decisions. It will be exciting to see how this develops!

Today, Fitbit launched a new platform called Fitbit Care aimed at employers, health plans and health system that is aimed at wellness and preventing and managing disease. Fitbit Care is a combination of health coaching and and virtual care through the Fitbit Plus app, along with fitness tracking through the company’s wearable devices.

Fitbit Care has three different components to it. First, there’s the health and fitness tracking through the company’s devices. Second, enterprise customers can use Fitbit’s digital tools to create personal challenges and private social groups to support and motivate members. And third, companies and organizations can provide one-on-one health coaching for members right through the app, or arrange in-person or phone meetings. This will allow companies to support members dealing with diabetes, depression and other conditions.



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