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Feng Shui Wellbeing

We all can fall into the trap of dismissing an approach just because it does not fit our worldview. The benefits of feng shui for wellbeing seemed a far stretch. Even after getting past the language, this new concepts like “poison arrow qi” just rattled around in a Western mind. However, when explored freely and without judgement we can pull from such experiences new ideas to refresh our mind and surroundings.

Feng shui can be used to help improve your health and well-being. No, it isn’t relying on superstitions such as hanging a mirror or a crystal in the window. In fact, there is a direct relationship between your health and the quality of energy in your home and work space.

For instance, take a look at how healthy your environment is from a feng shui viewpoint.

What is the quality of air in your home? Do you have items lying around scattered? Can someone trip over shoes in your house? Studies have shown how our environment can greatly affect our mood and productivity.

There are eight bagua, or “areas” in the feng shui energy map. The bagua is the main tool used to analyze feng shui energy for each area of a home or building.

Here are easy tips to follow even if you have never heard of feng shui before or are a novice:

Tip 1: Get rid of clutter

Tip 2: Use color and living plants to give life to your home

Tip 3: Focus on your health area

Tip 4: Create a work space away from your bedroom or living room

 Source: www.app.com

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