The One Thing That Actually Helped With My Anxiety


Yoga Helped Anxiety

“Just breathe”… probably some of the best advice for those who are moving into anxiety. Breathing can help focus the mind as well as brings a steady supply of oxygen into the body. For some, going an additional step with yoga helped anxiety.

My mother always looked for natural alternatives to cure any and all of our ailments when my sisters and I were growing up. She used to make teas for our sore throats or colds, and put cold towels on our foreheads and necks when one of us had a fever. Her methods had always worked, too.

So I knew I wanted handle my anxiety in the way I was most comfortable. I continue to follow my inner voice, and always encourage every person to listen to their own. Mine kept pointing me to yoga. So the next morning I started to look for an instructor. I also went online and began reading everything I could about yoga. Not just about the postures, but about the underlying philosophy.

Yoga, I discovered, was a lot more than physical movements. It is a philosophy, a spiritual discipline that focuses on helping you know yourself better. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj, meaning to yoke, or bind. Maybe it could help me yoke together my body and mind? Maybe it could help me with my panic attacks? I read more about the breathing techniques—pranayama especially—and about meditation. Meditation, like yoga, back then it was just a word floating around in the culture. I’d never meditated in my life. Who had time?

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