17 Signs You’ve Finally Healed Your Inflammation


Healing Inflammation

Inflammation has it’s own yin – yang relationship going. Inflammation can be good and healing when protecting but can also be dangerous when it destroys what should be protected. Healing inflammation is not simply turning inflammation off because we lose the necessary benefits. This is another demonstration of learning balance in Lifestyle instead of conventional medical control.

Inflammation is the underlying factor in almost all modern-day health problems. Although these conditions might seem unrelated on the outside, inside the body this violent storm of inflammation is contributing to everything from brain problems like anxiety and depression, to cancer, to autoimmune conditions, and even heart disease.

While chronic inflammation is bad news for your health, in certain situations, inflammation plays a vital role in healing damaged tissue like when you get a virus or sustain an injury. The problem occurs, though, when inflammation doesn’t subside after the threat is gone and when our immune systems and inflammatory response are constantly being triggered. The foods we eat, our toxin exposure, and stress are just a few things that can continue to perpetuate this never-ending storm of inflammation.

The wellness world is no stranger to inflammation. If you have read any health article, you’ve probably heard it mentioned at least once before as more and more people are starting to see how taming inflammation can dramatically improve their symptoms. So, if you’ve taken this to heart and started taking steps to reduce your inflammation, how do you even know if all your efforts have been worth it? As a functional medicine practitioner, it’s my job to guide people to better health, and part of that is through lowering inflammation. In my years of clinical experience, here are some of the ways to tell that you’ve (finally) won the battle against inflammation:

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