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Traditional Chinese Medicine AI fusion

Traditional Chinese Medicine dates back thousands of years. From that lineage, Traditional Chinese Medicine is less about “cures” and more about “balance”, understanding that we are constantly undergoing change. That holistic approach is necessary but often impractical for a modern lifestyle and Western approach to health. It can be so difficult to capture and reconcile all the patient’s signs as well as the environment in which the patient lives. However, Artificial Intelligence (AI) may promise a Traditional Chinese Medicine AI fusion that puts the patient at the center for daily holistic care.

CEO of Capital Biotech and academician of Chinese academy of sciences, Jing Cheng believes the ideal collaboration between AI and TCM lies in near future, when we find smart mirror in our bathroom. Each morning as we wash our face, the mirror will automatically analyze our health and “qi” or flow of energy by accessing the colour of our skin, eye, and tongue.

In fact, the first AI based TCM clinic had set its foot in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province a year ago, with physicians entering a patient’s condition to derive at diagnosis and treatments. The system will also facilitate dispensing of medication; keeping it within 10 minutes.

At a glance, all these promised a favorable start but as the effort came after the State Council’s release of the new generation of AI development plan last July, some researchers are worried that such top-down approach may not benefit the sector in long term and at the end of the day, some of these great potential may just be a fond dream.

Source: Rebranding Traditional Chinese Medicine with AI – AI Med

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