Amazon will sell an exclusive brand of home health products called Choice, made by Arcadia Group


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Amazon’s interest in and approach to healthcare may be getting a bit clearer as Amazon enters home health products through an exclusive with Arcadia Group’s line of home health products. The cost and inconvenience of going to a clinical setting (with lots of other sick people) is a very unfriendly and expensive experience. Options to use home health alternatives that are integrated with everyday consumer tech (e.g., Alexa) build on what consumers already want. Keep watching this space!

A health brand consultancy called Arcadia Group has teamed up with Amazon to sell a new brand of consumer-focused medical devices, including blood pressure cuffs and glucose monitors, exclusively on the e-commerce giant’s marketplace.

The move is part of Amazon’s recent push to sell more exclusive brands on its website. It also dovetails with Amazon’s increasing interest in health and wellness products and services, although Arcadia initiated this project.

Arcadia on Thursday announced that the brand for Amazon is called Choice, and that it sells things like blood pressure cuffs and glucose monitors for millions of people with hypertension and diabetes. In the U.S. alone, about 30 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes, and 1 in 3 have high blood pressure.

“Choice is exclusive to Amazon but is not an Amazon private-label brand,” an Amazon spokesperson told CNBC, explaining that the brand owner is in charge of the design and production.

Guest also says he’s hoping to incorporate the devices his company sells with Amazon’s Echo home speaker devices in coming months, which would help users manage their disease with Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa. Amazon is ramping up the health and wellness team within Alexa but has not yet updated the device to be in compliance with federal privacy policies that govern how health information is stored and shared, called HIPAA.

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