Personalized Nutrition & Gut Health: 5 Important Facts Worth Knowing


Personalized Nutrition

Whether “Food As Medicine”, “Clean Eating” or other new trend there is a fundamental theme supporting all of them… consumers want nutrition for better health. As this interest in better food continues so too does the interest in rehabilitating gut health which has been ravaged in recent decades. Gut health is highly dependent on the individual and personalized nutrition is a mechanism to help rebuild gut health and promote better health.

According to research conducted by Statistica in 2016, 72% of consumers in US believe their eating habit is important to good health and long life. Health and wellness is also a key factor driving change in consumer demands in the food industry, as described in this Forbes article.

As more people seek to understand the importance of food to overall well-being, curiosity on gut health appears to be on the rise. As reflected by web queries for”gut health”, “bloating”, “best food for gut health” and “best food for bloating”, the subject of gut health and nutrition is gaining attention.

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