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Health Care Consumer Categories

Whether Deloitte Health Solutions’ health care consumer categories are correct or not is less important than the overarching truth… health care consumers are different and they are involved. Health care is becoming more than reactive disease management that we have seen for decades. Segments of health care consumers are more educated and willing to direct their own care. There is more emphasis on well-being and prevention among today’s health care consumers than a decade or more ago.

A new study from Deloitte Health Solutions describes the U.S. health system as a kind of “Wild West,” and says consumers fit into four general categories in that framing.

The study surveyed 4,530 U.S. consumers to assess their attitudes, behaviors, and preferences when making decisions about health care and health insurance. In their frontier scenario, the Deloitte researchers said consumers can be placed in the following categories:

Trailblazers—tech savvy, self-directed, engaged in wellness, willing to share data

Prospectors—who rely on recommendations from friends/family, use providers as trusted advisors, willing to use technology

Homesteaders—reserved, cautious traditionalists

Bystanders—complacent, tech-reluctant, resistant to change, unengaged

Source: The 4 categories of health care consumer | BenefitsPRO

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