New exercise guidelines: Even parking a little farther away counts


New Exercise Guidelines

Are the new exercise guidelines just settling or are they just a more practical approach? Americans, in particular, seem to have a hard time exercising. Yes. There are many gyms and people wear athletic wear so much it has become fashionable. But Americans are not getting results from their exercising binges. Perhaps the new recommendations will motivate a change from binge exercising for perfection to a lifestyle of moderate, regular exercise meant to be a joy itself.

New exercise guidelines released Monday urged schools to keep little kids active throughout the day, every day, and not just in gym class.The guidelines also aim to make it a little easier for Americans to reach the minimum goals of 2 ½ hours of exercise a week by stressing that even parking the car a little further out in the parking lot can add to the total.

The new guidelines, the first in 10 years from the federal government, also highlight more of the benefits of regular exercise, from reducing the risk of at least eight different cancers to helping people think more clearly.

“Instead of things getting harder and harder and harder and harder, it is actually easier to achieve the recommendations in the physical activity guidelines,” Dr. Brett Giroir, assistant secretary for health at the Health and Human Services Department, said at a news conference.

Source: New exercise guidelines: Even parking a little farther away counts

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