Tim Perry Named to comSpark Central Ohio Tech Power Players Class of 2018


Tim Perry, HealthCare Too Co-Founder & CIO, Selected As Tech Power Player

Last night was the inaugural comSpark Central Ohio Tech Power Players induction for the Class of 2018. HealthCare Too‘s Chief Information Officer was among those honored at the sold-out event.

Tim Perry has worked in the IT industry for three decades but never viewed himself as a technologist, saying “It’s not about the technology… it’s about the results.”

“While I enjoy the challenge of understanding how technology works, where it can be used, ways to improve, and so on”, Tim continued, “technology is an ever-evolving tool that we integrate into business services. That is the magic.”

Perhaps even more magical for Tim was spending time with other attendees. “I met so many wonderful and talented people there. All of them have a story to tell and have made so many contributions.” Milling through the crowd of 400 also reaffirmed Tim’s vision for HealthCare Too as a consumer platform for holistic healthcare, “Everyone with whom I chatted gets it. They all understand the need to approach healthcare holistically, not just from our conventional ‘sick care’ model. When I handed out my business card and people looked at the pyramid model [see below] on the back there was instant appreciation ‘Oh, you are flipping the pyramid! Fantastic’ one person told me.”

The examples of those who “get it” continued. There was an executive from a multi-billion dollar services company who, halfway through the conversation, told Tim that she is also a certified yoga instructor. In another conversation, a pharmacist, highlighted the need for more integration and a great emphasis on putting the patient at the center of care. A third conversation scared up the potential for working together on a telehealth solution for consumer health. 

HealthCare Too‘s other Co-Founder and President, Nancy Perry, also attended. “I leave the techie stuff to Tim but I saw so many people there who want better healthcare, not just waiting until it’s too late. The people who attended the event are leaders. And they understand. We see so much interest in change and so many opportunities for partnership at HealthCare Too that it really just a matter of staying focused.”

So how did Tim sum up the night? “People here are just great. Wonderful folks who took time from their evenings to be our guests at the HealthCare Too table. So many insightful folks who want to make a difference and are open to new ideas. It’s all good.”


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