How To Increase Employee Well-Being And Boost Company Output


Well-Being Boosts Company Output

Management consulting titan, Deloitte, has found that well-being boosts company output. Particularly interesting is the finding that “best-performing companies on financial metrics were around 11 times more likely to offer holistic well-being policies”. Taken simply as a form of investment, holistic well-being policies make dollars and sense.

It’s pretty rare these days to find employers that don’t profess to have their employees’ well-being at heart. Most will offer a range of policies and interventions designed to support workers, whether regarding their career, their physical and mental health or various other factors that underpin their general well-being.

The cynic might regard such policies as window dressing that can be sustained during the good times but should be among the first things cut if push comes to shove. Is such an attitude wise? The recent “Human Capital Trends” report from Deloitte suggests that would be a huge mistake. It underlines the tremendous importance of the well-being offerings organizations give to employees, and despite the progress that has been made, there is still a yawning gap between what employees desire and what employers provide.

For instance, even though 50% of organizations offer employees flexibility regarding their work schedule, this was something that employees in 86% of organizations wanted. Sadly, that is as good as it gets, with most other well-being offerings highlighting the huge gap between supply and demand. Telecommuting, for instance, is something wanted by 70% of employees, yet is something offered by just 28% of organizations. Mental health support is wanted by 60% of employees yet only offered by a paltry 21% of organizations; whilst backup daycare is wanted by 53% of employees yet offered by just 8%.

Source: How To Increase Employee Well-Being And Boost Company Output

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