Fitness industry booms, but we’re not getting fitter – Axios


Health Greater Than Fitness

For most Americans, joining a health club is equal to getting healthy. New research highlights that health is greater than fitness. 

Unfortunately, the US healthcare system continues to focus on how much we exercise instead of what we eat, how we relate to other people, where we live, our financial stability and so much more. These social determinants of health have more bearing on health than clinics yet lifestyle remains largely un-diagnosed and un-treated. 

Between Soul Cycle, Fitbit, Whole30 diets and social media health gurus, the health and wellness industry is booming — but Americans are more likely to be obese today than ever before.

The problem: Despite promises made by gyms and fitness programs, physical activity does little to help people lose weight, says Ashkan Afshin from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington. And Americans’ diets are still terrible.

It’s the only disease that we put the blame on the patient and remove it from the health care provider.
— Fatima Cody Stanford, obesity medicine physician scientist, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Source: Fitness industry booms, but we’re not getting fitter – Axios

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