One cardiologist’s mission to reduce statin use for cholesterol – CNN


Reducing Statins

It’s not often enough that physicians question the way they practice. It is even more rare for a cardiologist to question the fundamentals of her protocols and argue for reducing statins. In fact, Dr. Elizabeth Klodas makes that case that there must be more attention paid to food patients consume instead of prescribing pills that mask symptoms. It is perhaps her final sentence that hits home the most: “Food is the comprehensive solution to a complex problem. And it just might put me — and pharmaceutical companies — out of business.”

High cholesterol? Here’s a pill. High blood pressure? Here’s two pills. High blood sugar? Here’s two pills and an injection. This is what many doctors routinely do without ever addressing why the cholesterol, blood pressure or blood sugar is abnormal in the first place.

I used to practice this way until I realized that all I was doing was covering up the downstream effects of poor diet with a bunch of drugs, instead of changing the food.

I am a practicing cardiologist. I trained at some of the finest medical institutions in the world, including Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins, and have been repeatedly recognized for great patient care. But what I really want to achieve professionally is to put myself out of work.

Unfortunately, cardiologists have endless job security. And that’s because we’re treating the wrong thing. My waiting room was full of patients whose numbers I had made perfect but who still looked sick and felt terrible. Some even felt worse with all the drugs I had put them on. No cures, just a neverending revolving door of follow-up visits. This is not why I went to medical school.

Source: One cardiologist’s mission to reduce statin use for cholesterol – CNN

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