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Complementary Alternative Medicine Platform

Healthcare consumers are making themselves heard. There is more light being shed on pharmaceutical pricing, the role of Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBMs) and other medical costs. Both medical providers and consumers pay more attention to the effects of lifestyle and social determinants on health. Now the forces of free markets and technology bring consumers a new complementary alternative medicine platform.

Antoine Sepulchre, founder and CEO of CAMP, said the platform would help shift current healthcare towards a more preventative approach, simplifying access to alternative medicine options.

“The vision is really, in two words, to make the world a healthier place,” ​Sepulchre told NutraIngredients.

“Human beings have never been submitted to so much stress, pressure and information than we are today, so I think we need help and something that is also very accessible.

”​He said CAMP would educate people about available complementary and alternative therapies and interventions – targeting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health – and encouraging people to take“a more holistic approach towards their health”.​

The platform, for example, would feature the likes of reiki practitioners; Chinese Medicine specialists; osteopaths; yoga teachers; massage therapists; nutritionists; and meditation instructors, each with individual profile pages about their practice. He said users could search practitioners either through sub-categories, geographical location or via a search on a specific health issue or disease.

Source: Complementary and alternative medicine platform CAMP launch, nutrition e-commerce

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