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Workplace Gratitude Power

“Thank you” can be a very powerful statement and one we hope every child learns. While many of us may forget to show gratitude in the workplace gratitude power has surfaced in recent research. People obviously work for pay but integrating gratitude into planning and running a business is important as well.

While we continue to examine the impact of Social Determinants of Health on wellbeing and office productivity, the power of gratitude should not be overlooked. Many mindfulness exercises highlight gratitude for positive mental, spiritual, and physical health. Like many beneficial approaches in holistic health, showing gratitude is low cost and has few adverse effects.

From an organizational, policy and leadership perspective, Cadiz says that employers should create formal or informal opportunities for people to express gratitude. Including gratitude in a business plan is an essential step that many business leaders miss, and that omission can have financial consequences.

“Employees that receive positive feedback are healthier, and that can impact the bottom line,” adds Cadiz. “Preventing headaches and other stress-related symptoms means fewer sick days, and, in this case, cuts down the cost of replacement nurses and overtime pay.

“These small changes can have a dramatic fiscal impact over time, which can result in more staff, better pay rates and increased benefits.

The big takeaway — express gratitude when you see someone doing a good job. A positive feedback loop impacts you and those around you, and can ultimately shape a healthier and happier community

Source: The power of gratitude in the workplace — ScienceDaily

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