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What Are Popcorn’s Health Benefits?


Popcorn Health Benefits

Perhaps it’s just the allure of the weekend speaking but popcorn is a delight! We don’t mean the highly-processed drenched-in-some-goop-that resembles-butter with way too much salt type of popcorn. No. We mean the air-popped, as-Nature-intended popcorn. When prepared appropriately, we even get to enjoy the many popcorn health benefits.

Really? Benefits from popcorn? Sure. Researchers from The University of Scranton found that popcorn is especially high in a healthful antioxidant, “polyphenols”. However, the way we prepare popcorn can make all the difference. While bags of popcorn in the microwave or many movie theater varieties can be vehicles for saturated fats and salts, air-popped popcorn preserves the good nutrients and taste! 

In the Perry household, we love to make popcorn in the microwave… but we use an air popper. So fast. So easy. So good!

Popcorn is a healthy snack because it is a whole grain.

Whole grains—oatmeal, barley, brown rice, teff, and yes, corn, to name a few—are rich in vitamins, minerals, and some even offer a little protein. Grains are also high in fiber, which has been proven to keep your ticker healthy, help maintain a healthy weight, and promote a healthy GI tract.“

Athletes, especially cyclists and runners, need the basis of their diet to be carbohydrates,” Kasparek says. “And the majority of those carbohydrates come from whole grains.”

Popcorn is also a type of corn that’s not highly processed, Kasparek explains. “The less processing there is, the more nutrients are intact in the grain,” she says.

But when it comes to the nutritional value of your popcorn, it really depends on how it’s cooked and what you put on it.

Source: Is Popcorn Healthy? | Plain Popcorn Calories

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