garlic health benefits

What You Need To Know About Garlic

  • Origin: Garlic (Allium sativum) is cultivated around the world. However, its roots (forgive the pun) are in ancient Middle Asia. It has been used for health purposes for thousands of years.
  • Form: the bulb of the garlic plant is used in raw form (whole, crushed, powdered, fermented, and more) as well as in pills and liquids. The leaves, or scapes, are also widely consumed.
  • Potential Health Benefits and Uses
    • Heart Health
    • Cancer
    • Diabetes mellitus
    • And more
  • Side Effects & Interactions: Always consult with a licensed healthcare provider.
  • Research:

What You Might Want To Know

What Benefits Might I Get From Garlic?

garlic health benefits
garlic health benefits

Garlic is one of those things that is powerfully healthy but so incredibly delicious in meals!

Yes. It is difficult to prepare daily meals that feature garlic. Supplements are a great way to complement your diet… unless you live alone and enjoy raw garlic anyway.

There are so many recipes that easily incorporate it: pizza, pasta, rice casseroles, and more. In the Perry Household, we go through a jar of minced garlic every few weeks as well as whole cloves when we have the time… and Mom’s keen sense of smell is out of the house!

There is great pleasure in making a simple meal with a bit of garlic so enjoy that benefit as well!

Heart Health

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death with nearly 650,000 victims in 2016 according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Garlic’s healthy impact on the cardiovascular has been studied and recognized for years. It has been found to lower Blood Pressure, prevent clogging of the arteries, help cholesterol, and more.


While heart disease is the number one killer in the US, Cancer is just behind at number 2.

Experiments with garlic have suggested that it might anticancer properties. In particular, it seems to inhibit tumor cell growth. More research is underway.

Diabetes mellitus

Research on animals has demonstrated that garlic reduces blood gluclose levels. It has been combined with the medication Metformin for a study in diabetic patients that showed better blood glucose levels than Metformin alone.

Other Benefits

Even in historic times, garlic was valued and used as an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent. This can be especially beneficial for dental health as was infection fighting.

At the time when antibiotics and other pharmacy products did not exist, a bulb of garlic itself represented a whole pharmacy industry due to the broad spectrum of effects.

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Additional Information & References

You are in charge of your health. Doing a little extra research will not only let you make better decisions but also empower YOU with knowledge. To help you learn more let HealthCare Too start you with some links:

Garlic Products

When you are ready, here are some products that may help you experience some of garlic’s health benefits for your own health and household.

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Garlic Products for Pets

And don’t forget that our non-human loved ones who might also enjoy the benefits.

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