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benefits of blueberries

What You Need To Know About The Benefits of Blueberries

  • Summary: The health benefits of blueberries continue to grow as researchers investigate new and novel ways they can help our health.
  • Origin: Native to North America, the blueberry is a flowering shrub. The plant’s namesake, the blueberry, is the fruit the shrub produces. 
  • Potential Health Benefits and Uses
    • Obesity
    • Type 2 Diabetes
    • Cognitive Function
  • Side Effects & Interactions: Always consult with a licensed healthcare provider.
  • Additional Information:

What You Might Want To Know About The Benefits Of Blueberries

What Benefits Might I Get From Blueberries?


Hard to believe that something so tasty can also help fight obesity, an epidemic throughout the US and other countries.’

In one particular study, research on mice fed high-fat diets, showed that blueberry anthocyanins in water reduced weight gain and fat mass. 

Type 2 Diabetes

The potential health benefit of blueberries goes back to the 1920’s in research by E.M. Watson, among others.

More recent research suggests that two or more servings of blueberries per week can lower the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

Cognitive Function / Nootropic

Research by Dr. James A. Joseph and others showed that a blueberry-enriched diet not only improved cognitive function in laboratory mice but also reversed declines.

Additional Information & References

You are in charge of your health. Doing a little extra research will not only let you make better decisions but also empower YOU with knowledge. To help you learn more let HealthCare Too start you with some links:

Blueberry Products

When you are ready, here are some products that may help you experience some of blueberries’ health benefits for your own health and household.

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Blueberry Products for Pets

And don’t forget that our non-human loved ones who might also enjoy the benefits.

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