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Benefits of Tea

Tea has enjoyed a special place in human health for centuries. There is a wonderful legend of an ancient Chinese herbalist that reflects this.

The herbalist was known throughout the land for his 100,000 recipes. He taught 80,000 herbal remedies to his son but grew gravely ill and knew he would soon die before completing his son’s training.

The herbalist made his son promise to visit his grave in five years in order to learn the final 20,000 herbal secrets. He soon passed away and was buried in the mountains where he spent years gathering herbs and unlocking their mysteries. This was exactly as the old herbalist had instructed.

His dutiful son came to the grave after five years. On the very spot of his father’s grave grew a beautiful plant, the tea shrub. The son used what he had been taught and this new plant to unlock the remaining 20,000 secrets and became a master herbalist himself.

You may not be a master herbalist but you want to enjoy a cup of tea… for comfort and/or health. Keeping your teas organized and within reach is an important step!

Reasons You Need A Tea Organizer

So Many Teas

There isn’t just one tea. Growing up in the US, many folks might have been content with the notion that “tea is tea”. In recent years, people have embraced numerous types of teas, brewing techniques, and more.

You might want a tea to help with the stress you are feeling or perhaps an aid in your cardiovascular health or maybe menopause or other women’s health issue. If that box of tea you want is buried in the back of the cabinet that may be the barrier that stops you. 


It happens to the best of us. We make a mental note to buy more of that tea we use for relaxing / health condition / other reason. That mental note is soon replaced with other immediate needs. Only when we reach for the empty tea box do we remember that mental note.

But I Had 3 Left

In some households it may not even be a missing mental note. Where we have family, friends, roommates there simply may be mysterious shrinkage in our tea inventory. Again, we want to know before reaching for that tea only to find the box empty.

What To Consider In Your Tea Organizer

There Is Order!

You most likely will want a tea organizer that… well, organizes your tea! That means it is more than one large container. You will want multiple sections… maybe many different sections in the tea organizer if you use many types of tea.

I Can See Clearly Now

Putting your teas into opaque containers will not help much unless you routinely want to open and look through those containers. Look for something where you can clearly and easily see what is in stock. 

It Fits Me!

It’s your tea organizer and it must fit you! This is not about what your parents used or what someone at work has. Your tea organizer should reflect your lifestyle needs! Pick one that fits your lifestyle, number of teas… maybe even the fung shui of your environment!

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