posture correction

The Value Of Posture Correction

Prolonged Sitting – A Risk Of Modern Life

Our modern lifestyles require sitting and posture correction has become increasingly important. Many of us sit at work, anchored to a computer. Others sit for prolonged periods to drive. Even our entertainment generally requires us to be seated like at movies, sporting events, video games and so on. Poor posture while seated easily leads to poor posture while standing or walking.

Articles have come out proclaiming “sitting is the new smoking”. This is probably overstating the point. Sitting certainly can increase risks to our health but likely has not risen to the level of smoking. Still, it is important that we offset these risks with posture correction.

Benefit #1 — Breathing

Just breathe. This is simple but powerful phrase is almost an anthem for wellbeing. Just breathe fills the body with oxygen. Breathing can be relaxing and reduce stress from modern life. Just breathe is a solid piece of advice at just about any time. However, poor posture can make breathing difficult.

Whether seated, standing, or walking poor posture makes it difficult to breathe. One of the first points of attention in mindfulness exercises is to focus on the breath. Without correct posture a deep, cleansing breath is virtually impossible.

Benefit #2 — Muscle Alignment

Sitting for prolonged periods is new for humans. Given the thousands of years of human history, sitting for most of the day is really only less than a century. And our muscles know it.

Ailments like Repetitive Stress Injury have been documented for several centuries. However, modern lifestyle has made it much worse. Our muscles support the body best with good posture. While modern conveniences may distress our muscles, we can also use technology for posture correction.

Benefit #3 — Balance

Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries among American senior citizens. This may be a result of weak muscles or poor muscle alignment, bone structure, neurological issues or something else. Regardless, we need to take measure at all ages to promote good posture. For the elderly, using technology for posture correction may be (quite literally)  a life saver.

Benefit #4 — Vital Organs

We do not often think of posture and our vital organs. However, in practices like yoga or tai chi the postures have a direct impact on vital organs like heart, bladder, lungs, etc. Good posture and proper breathing can even give a gentle internal massage. Poor posture can reduce oxygen flow and put undue pressure on vital organs.

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