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Patients Want More

Patients want more. It is increasingly that simple. In a world where funds and goods can move around the world, patients want more. Where the Internet allows consumers to share and learn about healthcare practices (modern and ancient) around the world, patients want more. Healthcare consumers understand that 1) health is far more than physical, 2) clinical practice is only a portion of what determines health, and 3) that non-drug treatments may exist. That is a wonderful change to witness.

Today’s patients have a broader view of what good health means, according to a new survey, and they have greater expectations of what their doctors should be talking about during office visits.

The survey of 2,027 U.S. adults conducted by the Harris Poll on behalf of Samueli Integrative Health Programs, found a disconnect in doctor-patient conversations. Half of patients said their doctors do not have conversations beyond their medical needs. They want their doctors to talk to them about more than physical health, test results and medications.

For instance, most Americans who have a primary care physician (74%) say their doctor typically discusses their physical health, but far fewer talk about behavioral factors that can strongly influence health, such as exercise (51%), diet (44%) and sleep (40%).

Source: Patients want doctors to talk to them about more than just physical symptoms, medications | FierceHealthcare

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