unhealthy diet cost

What Does An Unhealthy Diet Cost You Every Year?

An Unhealthy Diet Cost The Hidden Unhealthy Diet Cost Everyone knows that a poor diet can make you fat. Obesity is a leading contributor to heart disease and other chronic illnesses. So the unhealthy diet cost increases when we add in medical care. But how much more does the unhealthy diet cost? A research article …

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digital detox

Can I Benefit From A Digital Detox?

Digital Detox — In Your Future? I Don’t Have a Digital Problem Modern Lifestyle is at odds with our overall wellbeing. Things we perceive as “normal” go against millennia of human experience. Digital Distraction has become a real problem in our modern lifestyle. Google Scholar is loaded with articles on digital detoxification. Everyone sees the …

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fitness motivation

3 Inspiring Principles For Your Fitness Motivation

What is your fitness motivation? Don’t let physical perfection get in the way of an enjoyable exercise routine. Motivate with 3 inspiring principles.
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benefits of horsetail

What Are The Benefits of Horsetail?

Horsetail usually referrs to a family of plants of the genus Equisetaceae.The benefits of horsetail range in traditional medicine systems. Read more!
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